Peter, the Apostle was 1 of the 3 in Jesus "inner circle" during His earthly ministry. He experienced phenomenal power such as walking on water and then knew the bitter sting of denying (READ MORE)...
1 & 2 Thessalonians (3 DVD Series)
These two letters from The Holy Spirit through Paul give instruction and hope to the believers as they fulfill their Kingdom Assignment now while realizing The King is returning to...
1 & 2 Timothy and Titus (5 DVD Series)
1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus are letters are letters from Paul to two of his Spiritual sons who were pastoring and overseeing churches. There are great Kingdom and practical instructions given in each of these books....
1 Corinthians (5 DVD Series)
The first letter of The Holy Spirit through Paul to the Corinthian Church was written to a Church living in a culture of perversion and decadence. Keys are given to help us not only survive in an alien, filthy environment but...
1,2,3 John (4 DVD SERIES)
John, more than any other of the 12 Apostles, shared a closeness with the Lord during His ministry on the earth. He began as a Son of Thunder, but the ministry of Jesus molded him to become the (READ MORE)...
Colossians (4 DVD Series)
When the entire Bible is centered around the person of Jesus, Colossians highlights The Son of God magnificently and extensively. The Holy Spirit uses the Apostle Paul as a master artist to (READ MORE)...
Ephesians (8 DVD Series)
Dr. Brown teaches verse by verse through the entire book of Ephesians covering topics like Spiritual Blessings Divine Wisdom Prayers of the Holy Spirit for every Believer The NOW life in Christ The (READ MORE)...
Galatians (4 DVD Series)
The Galatians had been deceived by false teachers into believing they had to mix Grace with the Mosaic Law to be declared not guilty of sin. The Holy Spirit systematically dismantles this heresy (READ MORE)...
James & Jude (5 DVD SERIES)
The books of James & Jude were written by the two half-brothers of Jesus. at one time they and the rest of His Family thought The Lord was "beside himself" or delusional. But now, (READ MORE)...
Philemon (1 DVD Series)
Philemon is an unusual letter from Paul intended to restore relationship between two believers. It is a supreme guide for conflict resoloution whether in business, church, or (READ MORE)...
Philippians (5 DVD Series)
Dr. Brown teaches verse by verse through the entire book of Philippians covering topics like: Prayers of the Holy Spirit for the Believer Preventing the enemy from stealing your joy The benefits (READ MORE)...
Ruth (2 DVD Series)
The book of Ruth is a multifaceted diamond. It teaches the principles of decisions, loyalty, associations, conquering bitterness, redemption, destiny, promotion, favor, legacy and many more. It is all wrapped in a...
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