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The Legacy Series is an in-depth, verse by verse walkthrough of each of the books of the Bible with Dr. Mike Brown!

Peter, the Apostle was 1 of the 3 in Jesus "inner circle" during His earthly ministry.  He experienced phenomenal power such as walking on water and then knew the bitter sting of denying The Lord.  Jesus restored him after His resurrection and scheduled him to preach the Keynote address on the day of Pentecost.

The first 12 chapters of the book of Acts focus on his ministry in the early church.  The Holy Spirit changed him from a fearful unpredictable disciple to the rock Jesus said he would become.
His Epistles deal with.....

  •       The Believer's Eternal Inheritance
  •       Proper Attitudes toward Suffering
  •       The Holy Life
  •       Redemption Through the Blood
  •       Our Identity In Christ
  •       How to Live According to the Jesus Pattern
  •       Proper Relationships in Marriage
  •       The Ministry of Jesus during the 3 days Hos body was in the tomb
  •       The Ministry of Elders
  •       Humility and Promotion
  •       Casting our Cares Upon The Lord
  •       Handling the devil
  •       Virtues to Develop in the Christian Life
  •       The Inerrancy of God's Word
  •       Marks of False Prophets & Teachers
  •       The Danger of Backsliding
  •       The Second Coming of Christ


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