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The Legacy Series is an in-depth, verse by verse walkthrough of each of the books of the Bible with Dr. Mike Brown!

Galatians was written by Paul, the Apostle.
The Galatians had been deceived by false teachers into believing they had to mix Grace with the Mosaic Law to be declared not guilty of sin.  The Holy Spirit systematically dismantles this heresy while still maintains the position that we should live above sin.

The Book addresses...

  •      The True Marks of an Apostle
  •      False teachers should be immediately recognized and rejected
  •      Justification by faith instead of the keeping of any law
  •      Walking in the Spirit
  •      Walking in the Flesh
  •      Believers are the Seed of Abraham and in Covenant with his promises.
  •      The Purpose of the Law
  •      Our Positions as Sons of God
  •      The Believer's Inheritance
  •      Christian Liberty
  •      The Fruit of The Spirit
  •      The Works of the Flesh
  •      Restoring a Fallen Brother
  •      Partnership with Teachers
  •      The Kingdom Law of Sowing and Reaping
  •      The Work of the Cross

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